Wednesday, March 18, 2020

URGENT: Manu Dibango infected with Coronavirus

The news that fell on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 is bound to irritate more than one. Especially fans of Cameroonian music. For good reason, the current state of health of a monument to music 237 is critical. Manu Dibango tested positive for Covi-19. He would have caught this disease at the "Lariboisière" hospital where he was interned.

From sources well introduced to, Manu Dibango was hospitalized in this health facility since March 06 for another pathology whose name remains unknown. He had to be transferred urgently to the "Melun" hospital for intensive care. 

It only remains to hope that the Cameroonian musician does not succumb to the aftermath of the pandemic.

The first Cameroonian to die from the Coronavirus is Didier Mbeng. The latter left the land of the living in Paris (France) where he lived. It was the night of Monday March 15 to Tuesday March 16, 2020.