Monday, March 23, 2020

URGENT: First Coronavirus death recorded in Cameroon

It is on his Twitter account that the former Cameroonian international Patrick Mboma announced the death of his uncle contaminated with Covid-19.

"Awful news!" A call from my mother this morning to tell me that I just lost my uncle Achille Essome Moukouri at 

5:00 am Thank you # Covid-19 ", published the consultant Tv. Driven to a clinic in Bonapriso where he lived, he was referred to the Laquintinie public hospital where he died this morning. 

Patrick took the opportunity to invite his followers to take evil seriously. 

"To all those who think in Cameroon that these are just stories, I beg you, stay confined. It's the only thing to do! "Wrote Patrick Mboma. 

The head of the intervention and rapid investigation teams for the coronavirus deconstructs received ideas.

Only five cases detected in Cameroon and a few in Africa, while the coronavirus is raging worldwide. Would black people be immune? 

No ! So far, there is no research that proves that blacks would be immune, for proof, we have cases of blacks affected. Among the cases that have been imported into Cameroon, they are only blacks. There is no immunity for black people. If that were the case, even being in Europe, they would not be sick. 

Could ambient heat in Africa limit the spread of Covid-19? 

I absolutely do not agree ! You know that Covid-19 is a new disease. It was discovered in China. If we Africans are not yet affected, it is because it is new. It is not yet imported enough. All the cases we detect today have been imported. It is an influenza-like illness, but atypical. Atypical because this flu is complicated very easily. It causes severe respiratory signs which can cause respiratory distress (severe breathing difficulty) which can lead to death. 

We all know the potential for contagiousness from the flu. We are fortunate here to have some imports that we were able to capture in time, before having evidence of an internal transmission. There is already a case of internal transmission, there is not yet the circulation of the virus, but that does not mean that the virus cannot spread in Cameroon or Africa. We are crossing our fingers for the moment. Our current battle is to capture all the people who will enter the territory, in order to be able to extract them from our population. This will stop the contagiousness of we know the usual flu and which is specific to the coronavirus does not settle in Cameroon.

Are children safe from this disease? 

In science, there is no evidence. Generally it is necessary to conduct a study beforehand to be able to answer. But what is certain is that when we make the ratio, the number of children affected by this epidemic is infinite. 

What about potions like warm water with lemon or bita cola ... 

I repeat that in science, we like the obvious. Until proven, we know this is a new epidemic that has no vaccine and no treatment. Treatment for the moment remains symptomatic. This means that if someone coughs, they treat their cough. If he has difficulty breathing we treat. 

Are there things not to do?

Measures like smoking, taking traditional herbal remedies, wearing multiple masks at the same time, taking antibiotics for self-medication are not effective against Covid-19. Rather, they can be dangerous. 

What should be done ? 

The transmission of this disease comes from a promiscuity of close contact. The coronavirus is an airborne disease, it is transmitted through the droplets that emanate from our breathing. Observe that when you are in a taxi and you breathe, you will see bubbles of air, vapor when you speak, you spit, there are small droplets of saliva which escape and inside we have the virus. So what is advised is to stay a meter from people. We know that in Africa we like to touch each other. Hand hygiene at all times. Always wash your hands.