Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Tsimi Evouna's replacement 'finally' known

His name is MESSI ATANGANA Luc. He is an indigenous person as required by law. From now on we will speak rather of super mayor or mayor of the city. The expression Government delegate will disappear. It is a provision of the 2019 law on the general code of regional and decentralized authorities.

MESSI ATANGANA Luc is in charge of Missions in the Prime Minister's Services and Permanent Secretary of the National Council for Decentralization. As such, it is one of the cornerstones of the texts and reforms on decentralization. 

His assistants are: 

1st assistant: MVOGO MBOA SIMON 

2nd assistant: Mme ENOA FLAVIENNE

3rd assistant: PALALOU MIDJIYAWA 

4th assistant: KWAYEP MBIANDA JUSTIN. 

Source: The TGV of info