Monday, March 23, 2020

Truck Insurance In The United States of America - Medical Payment

Medical Payment — This covers medical bills if you or a passenger is injured while driving or riding in the tractor (this coverage varies from state to state).

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists — This coverage protects you if someone hits you and does not have liability coverage to repair whatever you need repaired.


Examining your coverages is important as well. Cheaper insurance is nice, but if it doesn’t offer the protection you need, then it’s not very useful. Some of the basic liability coverages should be similar across insurers, but you should pay close attention to some other coverages discussed above, like cargo.

Understand all of the trucking insurance coverages
Some insurance companies offer cargo coverage on a Specified Perils basis. If your loss falls outside the specific loss conditions listed in the policy, you could be left paying for that cargo loss yourself.

You’re better off finding an insurance company that offers Broad Form cargo coverage to make sure your load is protected when something goes wrong.

Again, the few hundred dollars you might save up front on your premium could evaporate instantly if you’re left paying a cargo loss yourself.

As mentioned before, look at any additional deductibles you might have to pay as well before the various coverages kick in.