Monday, March 23, 2020

Truck Insurance In The United States of America - Factors to Consider

Consider this: a travel agent can help set you up in a destination when you’re taking a vacation, but you would not just call a travel agency and say, “Send me to the cheapest place anywhere in the world; I don’t care where it is.”

More likely, you would have some idea of where you want to go and what you’d like to do while on vacation.

The travel agent would then help you plan the best experience that meets your expectations.

It’s the same with insurance. The coverages and services you need, and the company that can best provide them, will depend on your operation. And no one knows your operation better than you do....

For example, are you running a long-haul or local-radius operation? Insurers may specialize in one or the other, even if they happen to sell policies to both types of operations.

What kind of cargo are you hauling? The answer may determine what kind of coverage you should get to protect it.

First things first, it’s helpful to understand the coverages you’ll need for your new trucking operation. Here are the common ones:

Truckers General Liability Coverage — This covers the actions of a driver who is operating on someone else’s premises, such as loading docks and truck stops, and also covers mistakes in the delivery of the driver’s load.

Primary Liability Coverage — This does not cover your truck, but rather covers the damage you may do to others while operating your truck.