Monday, March 2, 2020

Town hall Sangmelima: Paul Biya whistles the end of the reaction

Like a firefighter in front of glowing embers, while the case of the arrival of a new municipal executive in Sangmelima became explosive, the President of the Republic defused the bomb, disavowed the Sg of the Committee central of the Rdpc, the governor of the Southern Region and re-established the prefect of Dja and Lobo in his prerogatives.

Jean Nkuete. Jean Nkuete. What if the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Rdpc is overwhelmed? Second personality of the burning torch political party, Jean Nkuete does he still hold the reins of the Rdpc? Difficult to answer in the affirmative. Manipulated, turned wild, led by the nose, the Sg of the central committee of the Rdpc signs blindly, lets wander his stamp even in the most indigestible, licentious causes; in contempt and in flagrant violation of the law, party texts and regulations. Even his own circulars which he signs, are atomized and do not resist the "strike" of sycophants, business owners, courtiers and holders of counters where the sale of elective positions takes place: deputies, municipal councilors and mayors. 

Rdpc agent Jean-Jacques Ndoudoumou, on a recommended mission, used perjury, parody and dictated the law of the Rdpc central committee. "He read the composition of the municipal executive, renewed the mandate of the outgoing mayor Christian Mebiame Mfou'ou, without authorizing a slightest complaint. Before the fact, the municipal councilors, fear in their stomachs, 'there was no resistance to oppose the directors and high instructions of the presidency. The counselors have been blackmailed, threatened and outbid over what could happen in their careers. Everyone had to contain their anger and complaints to accept suffering in silence, "says an adviser, disappointed, his teeth hard and bitter against the agent Jean-Jacques Ndoudoumou. 

At Obala town hall where the municipal executive was elected, backstage negotiations and a strong smell of imposture are in progress, with the ambition to manipulate and tamper with the elected municipal executive. The prefect of Lekié is called upon by the famous Sg of the central committee of the Rdpc, to the effect of being the operational arm of the masquerade. According to our sources, in violation of the law, the prefect of the said department would have convened another municipal session as of right on March 03. Will Georges Elanga Obam, the boss of decentralized local authorities allow this indigestible forfeiture? 

Rdpc, Bias-State

The last and last "blunder" of Jean Nkuete dates back to February 28, 2020. In a note designating a representative and a representative for the election of the municipal executive of Sangmelima, the Secretary general of the central committee of the Rdpc designates Édouard Akame Mfoumou and Minkongo Thomas Louis, representative and project manager, respectively. The two fossils have the low task of conducting the operations relating to the investiture of the candidates of the Rdpc to the election of the communal executive of Sangmelima. In this commune where all the Councilors are from the Rdpc, it is curious, bizarre and counterproductive that the Sg of the central committee signs such a note on 02/28/2020, three days after the full session during which proceeded to the designation of a new communal executive of Sangmelima. 

Worse. Jean Nkuete's note throws disarray, aggravates the situation and accentuates the discontent of the populations who believed that the games were done; the town of Sangmelima in popular jubilation adorned with the colors of African festivals, awaiting the ceremony of handover of technical service between the outgoing and incoming municipal executives which was to preside over the Sangmelima sub-prefect on the same Friday, February 28, 2020. Long before , the governor of the South Region NgueleNguele had already thrown confusion and fuel on the fire. In a Message-Carried that he signed the day before, on 02/27/2020, Nguele Nguele, closing his eyes to a rather tense situation, asked the prefect of the Dja department and Lobo to "kindly postpone the ceremony of technical service between the outgoing and incoming mayors until further notice. Urgency and importance reported. Absolute priority ”. Perfect crime? That no!!! 

Scratching the varnish of the message Worn by the governor, we discover the murder weapon. The message Carried, signed, visibly in a hurry, does not respect the administrative channels of correspondence in high command. No copy sent to the direct hierarchy of the governor: the minister of territorial administration, the minister of decentralization and local development. 

The Message-Porté of the governor addressed to the prefect, went directly stranded on the table of the Director of the civil cabinet of the presidency of the Republic. What about the governor's aplaventrism? Should we think that it was from Samuel MvondoAyolo that Governor Nguele Nguele received the order to make a mess, to hinder a transfer of technical service, resulting from a democratic process? Is this exceptional civil administrator so naive, candid and clumsy to ignore the direction of the wind? How heavy can a “breach of the law” be?