Saturday, March 28, 2020

Threats against Kamto: Abdelaziz Mounde Savage reply to Patrice Nganang

In a long correspondence addressed to his writer brother, the journalist and activist Abdelaziz Mounde is unleashed on Patrice Nganang. The one who shows his ingratitude while there was a time, he was trapped in the Biya regime, reminds him of the activist. Today, he is joining Kamto because he is no longer accepted in his movement. To the point of uttering threats. To this, Mounde says no, it will not be today or tomorrow. 'Maurice Kamto has nothing to pay you! Nothing ! Not even hap ', asserts the journalist.

Patrice Nganang does not support his separation from the Kamto Movement. This movement that he carried to the body to release Biya from power. Since the alternation today is idling with Kamto, he begins to sabotage him and even wants to create a party to compete with him and finish the 'work'. Abdelaziz asks him to temper his ardor. 

Here is the entire correspondence from Abdelaziz to Patrice 


You paid the electricity bill, the telephone bill, the metro bill or the expenses of which, when all these people mobilized to demand, rightly, your release? Has your earned salary as a teacher been redistributed to these citizens and people of goodwill around the world? 

In South Africa, when we gathered in Soweto, in memory of Mama Winnie Mandela, I saw thousands of proud South Africans each showing their scars, the consequences of bullets and charges from the racist police in Pretoria , when they stood up as one Man to defend Nelson, Winnie and all the apartheid prisoners. Without claiming anything. Without stick effects. Without bleeding every two days. Without the mbvoum of us Cameroonians!

Maurice Kamto has nothing to pay you! Nothing ! Not even hap ... !!!! When you get up for a cause, as we do like our elders from the 50s of the UPC, our martyrs and anti-colonial heroes, we don't hold out the bowl of Nkap! We do not wait to get angry with our friends of yesterday, whom we defended to the point of helping to instill, by spooky theories on the Bulu and infatuated remarks on ethnic groups in Cameroon, the venom of tribalism in public opinion, to tire us with nonsense of taxes in the United States. Although with this TV, many Cameroonians have "tontinĂ©" ... 

For now, the name of our country, my country, the country of Manu Dibango, is CAMEROON! It is neither Ambazonia nor anything else. We will fight to change it and give it a name for the African humus as did Kaunda and Mugabe, from Zambia and Zimbabwe. But for the time being, the country is CAMEROON. 

So, a Cameroonian politician, whoever he is, who refuses to receive a group that does not recognize Cameroon as his country, with the attributes of an imaginary country has my support for this act! Na so ide! 

So, a Cameroonian politician who is viscerally against secession has my support for this option. Na or so so! 

So, any politician who is favorable to the release of prisoners of the so-called Anglophone crisis, so that an inclusive and sincere Dialogue will lead, within the framework of respect for the territorial integrity of CAMEROON ?? ??????, to a lasting resolution of this ancient problem, has my support.

If we are committed, do so with sincerity, clarity, consistency and brotherhood. Let's not be Bamileke at 12 p.m. and Bangangte at 6 p.m., depending on the reactions and actions of Maurice Kamto. Let's not be devout at 10 a.m. and heretic at 3 p.m. according to the choices of those we support. Let's not be Tanou at 8 a.m. and Tagne at 3 p.m., according to the hearings of the president of the MRC. The panther, the nzui, does not change dentures depending on the meat or the opponent ... 

Let us not be euphoric on May 18 in Paris, mocking the Mounde and other former stars of the marches in Paris and soporific on May 20, with digressions on the "moral compass" which nobody has the monopoly. Not even you, a writer of great talent, whose novels we read with pleasure and interest, who unfortunately has not the exclusivity of the use of the alphabet, invented millennia before our little egos, that the death of Manu Dibango, giant of the world, should help us cut back. 

Your brother A. Mounde Njimbam