Friday, March 27, 2020

'The more you kill Paul Biya, the longer he lasts' - Abdelaziz Mounde Njimbam

On March 25, 2020, a rumor circulated on the web announcing the death of the President of the Republic, HE Paul Biya. On Thursday, March 26, 2020, the Minister of Communication, through the director of the media observatory, reacted to twist the rumor.

In a forum published on social networks, the journalist and analyst Abdelaziz Mounde Njimbam returns to this rumored news and believes that as we seek the death of Paul Biya, his lifespan will extend. offers you the entire gallery. 


There are so many Cameroonians who have RIP disease; worse than the no go cam. Spreading news about death itches them so much, that they are able to disconnect a patient with coronavirus, just to confirm their false alarm. Just to scratch endlessly on networks and be the first to announce ...

Send them a screenshot of the flight plan of a Swiss medical aircraft on whatsapp. By one of these Pavlovian reflexes, as they run to listen to the stories of petticoats of a "god" of facebook, they will conclude that it is a hearse for Paul Biya. We did this to you in these beautiful villages of Mboa? No, certainly, because your share of "witchcraft" is made in these laboratories where we are now fighting to produce millions of plates of chloroquine! 

In fact, confined in their ridiculous fights between "tontinards and sardinards", "goats and kamtoto", unable to have the slightest truce to honor the memory of a monument of the caliber of Manu Dibango, definitely unable to find the least common denominator in the elections, to form coalitions, to work out alternative programs together and to make room with the governing regime, to march together against these thousand carelessnesses of the governing system, entangled in the tribal nonsense between Ekang, Bamiléké and tutti quanti, they count on the hazards of biology and now the wrath of Covid 19 for a coup d'etat of viruses; the "corona hunt" !!!! 

At the end of the races, Paul Biya, more subtle in this matter than when it comes to avoiding confining Manu Dibango to his only Sawa community, will publish a mocking tweet to give, after the good word of 2004, another go for his funeral. Another defeat, for us, these amateur opponents, become marshals and stars with popcorn egos to say it like "Mouton Mouton" ... 

A. Mounde Njimbam