Sunday, March 8, 2020

'The Cameroonian opposition is riddled with followers of political cunning'

The interview that Mr. Albert DZONGANG gave to Darling Nguevo returned to the question of the enlargement of what should be the platform of the coalition opposition according to some.

We must salute the lucidity shown by the interviewee of the day in response to this question. Because one of the pitfalls that delays this march towards change is this lack of clarity in choices and positioning. 

The CAMEROUNAISE opposition is full of followers of POLITICAL ROUBLARDISE, for whom VERTU and TRUTH in politics mean nothing ... Everything is in the domain of the relative according to time, camps and interests.

In this logic, in their eyes, it is not even a given that KAMTO is the most popular and serious politician in Cameroon today ... Since everything is relative ... 

Only, by limiting oneself to the excellent clairvoyance of Albert DZONGANG on this question in the light of the answer provided, one can be inclined to think that the spectacular eruption of Maurice KAMTO on the political scene CAMEROUNAISE and its radiation, are accompanied by 'a certain arrogance which would make him "no longer discuss with small parties" or small leaders...

For the history, we who know the Cameroonian political world differently, and not simply by what is said or seen, know that in due time, Maurice KAMTO resolutely went door to door, with almost all the personalities claiming opposition, to convince them of his approach, while inviting them to give him their support. 

What has he not wiped as gausseries behind his back, especially on the part of those there who hold "their personal change", through elective local or national mandates? Resolutely they do not have the same objectives... 

It must be said, we do not give the TCHOKO, we do not receive the TCHOKO, to enter the train of change. If you think it is going in the right direction, you enter it, you settle in, without even asking the pilot's opinion, as the diaspora and others do and "we are doing our part". 

The self-proclaimed essentials of change, are only rascals, for whom politics can be summed up in one thing, to ambush themselves, to blackmail the RDPC power which wishes to remain there and the opposition hopes to see change things.