Monday, March 23, 2020

Thank you dad. I'm Coming Home - Brenda Biya

Being the daughter of the Etoudi Palace tenant clearly has advantages, and apparently, especially in the event of a crisis!

During this period when the Coronavirus created psychosis on a global scale and even incited the Cameroonian authorities to close the country's borders to other travelers, the daughter of the Head of State was granted a private jet in order to return home, despite the preventive measures taken by the Ministry of Public Health. 

Brenda Biya landed in Cameroon, coming from Switzerland where she had been staying for some time. 

Its flight landed in Yaoundé this Wednesday, March 18, 2020. 

The catch? This European country has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic since February 25. and no less than 4,000 cases have been detected there! 

And it is probably because of this alarming situation that the daughter of Chantal and Paul Biya returned to the country. On a special chartered plane to take her home safely.

While taking the plane the new graduate wrote: '' Thank you dad. I'm going home. '' 

And when she arrived in Yaoundé she said: '' A safe harbor! '' 

What about the measures that provide for 14 days of quarantine for people coming from abroad? Curiously, they do not seem applicable to the Princess of Etoudi. 

Let's still hope that the screening test will be carried out before she comes into contact with those around her, since we know that this pandemic is sparing no one, even though we bear the surname Biya!