Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Surprising revelations of Kah Walla's refusal to stand up for Maurice Kamto

In my excavations one day on the origins of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon I discovered that this Party was born from a merger absorption of some Political Parties and leaders of civil society. This amalgamation, I heard, could also have included the CPP if you had provided your bond.

It is said that everything was fine in the negotiations, until the last minute. In the end, to withdraw you had pretended that the intelligence of Professors Kamto and Fogue would work against you: “Kamto and Fogue are too intelligent; they will roll me in the flour ”. The MRC was thus born without association with the CPP, even if some officials of this Party had gradually joined the dynamic. 

In 2018, when all was well in negotiations for a coalition to face the DPRK machine in the presidential election of October 07, and you announced behind the scenes that you would join the coalition around the candidacy of MK, We were dumped that after your press briefing on the evening of October 5, you changed your mind and hammered rather than you were against the elections under the Biya regime and therefore could not support any candidate. 

In 2019, in June if I remember, you announced during a diaspora meeting in Germany that you could only join Maurice Kamto if he gave up the no to the heist, and therefore stopped claim his victory. You reiterated it yesterday. I want to ask you that, if you are against the no to the heist, does that mean that you endorse the electoral heist? The fight against the heist which supports the quest for the truth of the ballot boxes aims to bring down the usurper. It lies in the broadness of the strategies that can be implemented to achieve this result. 

The MRC has chosen to make it its combat weapon and is following its current request to the African Union well. Something new will undoubtedly come out of it for the construction of democracy in Cameroon. It is therefore impossible to give up this fight on the way, only because a fighter, however tall you are, finally joins Maurice Kamto. No coalition, for me, is worth today the claim of the stolen victory of the Cameroonian people because this claim aims at the fall of the tyrant Biya. Knowledge makes it possible to integrate that it is useless to try to dissuade anyone from continuing this struggle.

And even, madam, the brief history that I made above clearly shows that at least three times you have found three different alibis to justify your "involuntary" to put yourself alongside Maurice Kamto. First you found him to be too intelligent, then you said that you did not support the elections, finally that he had to give up the no holdup first. I have the feeling that if even at random, if he were to do so, you would find another alibi for not joining forces with him. Is it bad faith? 

I do not think so. I never believed in these lies which tell you close to the Biya regime, these bad tongues which tell everywhere that you tried to torpedo the work of the diaspora in the USA for the benefit of Biya. I think it's a fantasy. I simply believe that you have drawn a battle line that you master very well, unlike the no-hold-up strategy implemented by the MRC. 

I say that you have a good grasp of your strategy because, unlike the MRC, you make marches that do not face police violence and arbitrary arrests. This is a big asset on which you must capitalize with your team from a communication point of view. If the people realize that by walking by their side they fear nothing, are not likely to be imprisoned or to be shot, they will follow you massively in the street, until the certain fall of the bully. I personally believe that you do not have to join Kamto at all costs, just as he cannot give up the no to the heist which led him to walk and go to prison with his numerous comrades. You just have to continue to lead the fight well with your strategy that Maurice Kamto does not criticize. This strategy, as I said, is interesting;

Journalist: Kand Owaslki