Friday, March 13, 2020

Succession: the real reasons for the disagreement between Biya and Penda Ekoka

A few days before the presidential election, Christian Penda Ekoka president of Agir / Act during a debate against GrĂ©goire Owona made a remark which will destabilize the SGA of the CPDM. He simply told GrĂ©goire that after more than 30 years of militancy engaged within the CPDM, he hoped to see him candidate, invested by this party.

Watch the video below

Like what, in the CPDM, around the president, the king should never even know that in your dreams you saw yourself as a candidate.

No one should covet Biya's place. And in return, he ignores the existence of section 66 on the declaration of property. This is why the country, after having been twice world champion in corruption, never left the top ten.

Look at what he did to Minister of Computers Paul Biya and SGPR after the CAN scandal. 

Journalist: Albin Michel Njilo