Sunday, March 29, 2020

Silence of Paul Biya: here are the explanations of the Deputy Director of the Civil Cabinet

Cameroonians have not heard from their president since the outbreak of the health crisis caused by Covid-19. Several sources close to the President of the Republic had mentioned the defective state of health of Paul Biya. The latter would be evacuated to Switzerland by a medical plane a few days ago. These claims have been denied by the Biya government, which loudly proclaims the perfect health of the octogenarian president. To understand the silence of Paul Biya even during periods of crisis, it is necessary to have recourse to the texts of OSWALD BABOKE, Deputy Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of Cameroon.

“Silence is its shadow. He knows that if speech is silver, silence is gold. To govern for decades is already a political victory, without appeal, which the people renew to him. Rigor, justice, common interest, solidity and solidarity are the leitmotifs characterizing its seven years. Do those who imagine him broken with the task and worn out by the weight of the years know to what point this statesman, who lived moderately and without excess, took care of his bodily and intellectual hygiene? Is it necessary to rub it to realize it? The Sphinx has never been a worn-out octogenarian. Its physical freshness retains its radiance. Despite the passage of time, he is still kind and charming. Like a mage, he is up to date. His age is authoritative. Besides,

Today he has the wise age of politics: Clairvoyant, Experienced, empirical, seasoned, trained, experienced, expert. He is straight, skillful, upright, lively and sporty. Customary of functions at very high temperatures, PAUL BIYA keeps an alert memory. The President knows his files, and recognizes his priorities. He manages his time. He has a passion for the times. Le Temps du PrĂ©sident cannot be improvised or tamed. Haste and agitation are not signs of vitality for him. His clock does not dither. His complex mutiny is a rigorous program, better, a vision. Let it be known, its apparent slowness is not a sign of indecision, but of reflection, weighting, and maturation. Matured thinking precedes action. His restraint is an asset of wisdom”,