Sunday, March 22, 2020

Serious revelations in Mancho Bibixy et al.

The lawyers of the radio host "Hot Cocao" based in the North-West in Bamenda at the time of the events, and his co-defendants, maintain that the police reports causing their legal troubles do not carry no signature. This should, in their view, lead to the annulment of the procedure which led to their conviction.

Will the Court of Appeal of the Center overturn the decision of the Military Tribunal taken against Mancho Bibixy, host of the radio station "Hot Cocao" based in the North West in Bamenda at the time of the outbreak of the social crisis in the English-speaking regions, and its many other co-accused convicted and condemned for the acts of "acts of terrorism" and "hostilities against the fatherland, secession, revolution and insurrection"? The question is at the center of the debates which were opened before this court on Thursday, February 20, 2020. The accused and their counsel, led by the cabinet Akéré Muna, think that the civil court will incline in their favor by annulling the decision of 'instance. 

It is moreover for this reason that the defense lawyers ottt'd after the commencement of the trial raised a public policy objection, namely that the Court rejected the minutes which gave rise to the current trial for lack of signature of the judicial police officers who established them. Lawyers who have argued that their clients have been unjustly detained in prison for three years, recalled that according to the constitution, "all men are equal in rights and duties" and "the state guarantees all citizens the conditions necessary for their development”. Principles and many others which, according to them, are not respected within the framework of the lawsuit brought to their customers. 

The men in black dresses also indicated that many unfounded facts from the judgment-before the Military Court of Yaoundé, were the subject, on May 25, 2018, of heavy sentences ranging from ten to fifteen years in prison. Mancho Bibixy and his five companions were also to jointly pay a fine of 268 million francs to the State of Cameroon, to which are added 31.7 million francs for procedural costs. Sentences that the accused and their counsel describe as unfair, excessive.

For his part, the government commissioner (public prosecutor), left himself to the wisdom of the Court. The college of magistrates which intends to rule on the objection of nullity raised by the defense on March 19, 2020. 

Recall that on January 19, 2017, Mancho Bibixy, one of the forerunners in the triggering of the sling in the North-West, was arrested because he denounced, according to him, the marginalization which the populations of the English-speaking regions were the subject of. share of the central State. The public authorities accuse him of having made xenophobic remarks, launching hatred calls, asking the English speakers to hunt down the French speakers, he had also organized a march with a white coffin. This provoked, according to prosecution witnesses, "a public disorder" and led to his arrest as well as many other demonstrators.