Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Seraglio: 'Paul Biya stuck like a rat'

For those who once had the opportunity to hunt or attend the hunt for “Mbapdoum” rats. The message from the president-elect Maurice Kamto, president of the Jure of Cameroon to Mr. Paul Biya, de facto president of Cameroon resembles the torch of smoke that a hunter puts in the rat hole.

Generally in rat hunting, the hunter often takes care to locate the exit holes of the rats. When these holes are circumscribed, the hunter takes a torch to light it to produce smoke. Afterwards, this smoke is subsequently introduced into the rat hole. This technique means that when the rats feel suffocated, they all quickly look for exit routes. And in the case of the message from President-elect Maurice Kamto to Mr. Biya, we can quickly see that this smoke is already having its effect. The outings in cascades, the shifts of Gregoire Owona, Jacques Fame Ndongo and Eric Kingue vociferating seem to be mistaken for that of rats. Rats who feel the smoke spread in their burrows, and can no longer inhale this smoke before toxic at the risk of suffocating them.

Finally, at a time when the whole world is at war against Coronas virus 19, at a time when all the heads of state in the world are taking the lead, we are still asking ourselves the question whether Paul Biya is in quarantine in confinement or in Mvomeka fork. At least the message from President-elect Maurice Kamto to Mr. Paul Biya is an example of the smoke that a hunter puts in the rat hole so that they come out. Paul Biya today has no choice but to go out.

Source: Icicemac.com