Saturday, March 7, 2020

Seraglio: the latest well-crafted plan of Ngoh Ngoh against Motaze

The CameroonWeb editorial team offers you a rereading of this article which dates from 30 December 2018.

The CAN scandal threatens to sink the SG / PR Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and his accomplice Ben Modo, the Nnanga clan of the Chantal Biya proteges is doing everything to sink someone from the Bulu clan before their leader the manipulator Ngoh Ngoh is sunk by Biya. 

Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh seeks by all means to sink Louis Paul Motazé, the Minister of Finance whom they suspect of having betrayed him by revealing all his hijackings of the CAN markets in complicity with Ben Modo with Paul Biya. 

You know very well that an “elite” close to Biya is capable of massacring everyone, if possible, in order to avoid ending up in Kondengui. 

Currently, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh constantly prays his god of hell to have the head of Motazé. 

In order to raise accusations of theft or embezzlement of public funds from inside the finance ministry, Ngoh Ngoh is looking for people who can help him. 

He immediately found the rare bird, in the person of Mrs. Mbarga Marie Catherine, inspector in charge of tax services, to whom he mirrors an appointment as minister to the next government.

To do this, Ngoh Ngoh addresses a letter to Ms. Mbarga which he presents as if on the instructions of Paul Biya: "... I have the honor to notify you of the high instructions from the CHIEF OF STATE [editor's note, in capital letters, to strike the mind of the lady well] prescribing an investigation at the highest level ... for your probable appointment at the next cabinet reshuffle.

"Thus according to the discretion of the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, you are foreseen in the five (05) levels of government organization in Cameroon, namely: the Minister of State, the Minister, the Minister Delegate, the Minister responsible, the Secretary of State ”. 

We know that it is not SG / PR Ngoh Ngoh who must ask that Minister Motazé be investigated, but the Prime Minister. 

In addition, with this letter, which a government source has entrusted to us exclusively, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh reveals himself as the gang leader of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon who traffics the appointments and signatures of the old man Paul Biya, using manipulative terms such as "I have the honor to notify you of the high education of the HEAD OF STATE" and "at the discretion of the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC". 

Our source tells us that Paul Biya is not aware of a proposal from Mrs. Mbarga Marie Catherine married Tim Modo to a post of minister. 

Mrs. Mbarga, don't fall into the trap of the ugly Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, who will drown you. He is a criminal and manipulator who will sell your head to the highest bidder, as he is currently trying to sell that of Louis Paul Motaze to Paul Biya.

Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, manipulate whoever you want but you will fall and in the wrong way. 

Source: Patrice Nouma