Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Opinion: the Coronavirus is really in Etoudi.. Patrice Nganang

Government prescriptions are where? WHO prescriptions are where? Tara, where is the link of these prescriptions even on your first posting here? Weeeeeke, wa yi dze?

Are the sea, air and land borders already closed? 

Faced with the irresponsibility of the government, we the people, ie the diaspora and the populations, must take our destiny into our hands. Here are the five things to do, 

1, hands, wash them for 40 sec with soap 

2, cough in your elbow, or wear a mask 

3, do not touch your face

4, maintain the distance of 1 m from his friends 

5, get tested when one is sick 

The fish rots from the head - Cavaye was the first to enter Cameroon with the virus, and to spread it around him. We are 10 cases already. Cameroon has not yet closed its borders, here are other virus carriers who follow in its footsteps - from France. Two or three days ago, Kamto was still doing his meetings. Libii was crowded. People who want to demonstrate that we all love them, but are unable to show compassion, and therefore to protect our people. 

Without moral leadership, no revolution. 

Source: Patrice Nganang