Monday, March 2, 2020

Seraglio: Ayuk Tabe soon to be released

After having promised on February 23 to the activist Calibri Calibro to call President Paul Biya to incite him to act for the rapid resolution of the crises which cross Cameroon, Emmanuel Macron called Paul Biya Sunday and they exchanged on several subjects foremost among which the English-speaking crisis

“… I'm going to call Paul Biya to put pressure on him…” So it was not an announcement for the symbol. It has been reported to us that the French President and his Cameroonian counterpart had a telephone exchange on March 1 on the initiative of the first. "They agreed on the need for an impartial investigation in response to the violence committed against civilian populations in the village of Ngarbuh, in the North West province," said the French presidency as reported by AFP. An exchange which undoubtedly had the tone of a call to order since the two presidents had "agreed to stay in touch on the monitoring of political initiatives resulting from the great national dialogue, in particular the establishment of a special status for the North-West and South-West regions. This is all the more so since we remember that the French President's statement set the tone for a series of harsh reactions in the entourage of Paul Biya. One of the most noticed is that of its secretary general, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. 

In an incisive and threatening tone, he had declared that the Cameroonian president "is accountable for his action before the only sovereign Cameroonian people and not before a foreign leader, even if he is a friend," he said. It was undoubtedly the call of the development. The two men did not just talk about the socio-political crisis in the English-speaking area. They have touched on many sensitive subjects kept secret from the media as they involve the future of Cameroon.

They also discussed the case of political prisoners whose names were sent to Emmanuel Macron, at his request, by the activist Calibri Calibro. The list includes more than 200 names of detainees including those of Mamadou MOTA, Rosange DJIMENI, Ayuk Tabe, Serge Branco Nana, Mancho BBC among others. Paul BIYA was also asked about his political future. Will he renounce or not to preside over the destinies of Cameroon. The myth is deep but will be revealed very soon according to indiscretions.