Monday, March 30, 2020

Secrets de Palais: the signing of cascading decrees at Etoudi

Killed by rumor since last Wednesday, the President of the Republic has continued to fulfill his sovereign functions by taking important decisions which concern the life of the nation.

I learned with sadness of the death of Mr. Emmanuel Ndjoké Di bango, my wife and I wish, in this painful circumstance, to send our sincere condolences to his family as well as to the Sawa community he particularly loved, ”wrote Paul Biya on his Facebook page, March 24. 

The following day, he appointed, Tanyitiku Enoacho Bayee and Ongolo Nyanguinda Lidwine respectively to the positions of director general and deputy director general of the National School of Local Administration (Nasla). While the President of the Republic made these important decisions, social networks announced him dead. Everything started from a rumor launched by Tweeter by a certain "Kamwa the Panther" who announced the death of the Cameroonian president. 

“Paul Biya has just left us. RIP ”, could we then read on the microblogging site, on March 25 around 1:30 pm. Moments later, the rumor was picked up by another site which, citing sources close to the family, confirmed the death of Paul Biya. 

It was from this moment that the rumor spread like wildfire. In social networks and some traditional media, the rumor is repeated repeatedly. Despite the denial of the Minister of Communication, spokesperson for the government, the rumor is only increasing. 


The rumor of the death of Paul Biya has given grain to grind some politicians. Christian Penda Eko-ka, leader of the Agir movement said he was confused between the words of the one who announced the death of Paul Biya and those of René Emmanuel Sadi who brought the denial. For him, "Paul Biya is a living dead man". 

"One says he is dead, the other says he is alive, and no evidence to decide between them. Consequently and until proven otherwise, H died alive. Let's take our destiny in hand, ”he said. Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement did not miss the opportunity to strike a blow at his main rival. 

“Mr. Paul Biya must assume the presidential function by himself, failing which, the people will have to acknowledge its failure and draw all the consequences. Tancing the President of the Republic, he believes that it "displays a disconcerting indifference. In any case irresponsible and demonstrates to the 

Cameroonian people and to the world that they can no longer assume with dignity the responsibilities of President of the Republic ”. Thus, "taking the people and the international community to witness this unacceptable situation, I urge them within 7 days from the publication of this communication to address the Cameroonians themselves". Failing an exit from the president, Maurice Kamto indicates that he will call on the people to draw the consequences from Paul Biya's inability to govern.