Thursday, March 26, 2020

Rumors of Paul Biya's death is the latest on social media

A rumor launched on Tweeter concerning a possible death of President Paul Biya, caused an unprecedented media excitement since Wednesday.
The news started with the message: “Paul Biya has just left us. RIP. ", Published on the microblogging site on Wednesday March 25 around 1:30 pm before snowballing on the web.

An hour later: "Death of Paul Biya, those close to the politician confirm", another message amplified the announcement effect and while directing the reader to the Necropedia site (which specifies however that Paul Biya n is not dead).

Despite the “formal denial” of the entourage of the politician and his spokesperson, the rumor was later picked up by a few radio stations and then by other media around the world.

More fear than harm, at 87 years old Paul Biya is still alive and well. And according to a survey, almost 72% of reactions found the rumor to be in very bad taste.