Thursday, March 26, 2020

Roland Kumbé's killers are still running

This police officer was coldly killed by unidentified individuals on the night of March 20-21.

The elements of the police of the city of Bafoussam still wonder about the assassination of one of theirs. The latter died in troubled circumstances, in the Toket-Explosif district, in the arrondissement of Bafoussam 3e. According to information gleaned from the field, it was back at his home on the night of March 20 to 21, that the first grade police officer, Roland Kumbé, in his late thirties, and from the region from the Southwest, came face to face with a band of three heavily armed brigands. They broke into his dealership overnight. 

“They ordered me to lie on the ground, which I did without hesitation. While my neighbor refused to comply. It is surely angered that they pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger, "testifies a victim and witness who requested anonymity.

The speaker, who still retains the aftereffects of his trauma, says that his life was saved only thanks to divine force. Curiously, the bandits did not take anything, we learn. His colleagues from the regional delegation of National Security still mourn. At the Regional Division of the Western Judicial Police where an investigation was opened, we do not hide the thesis of a settling of accounts since nothing was stolen. 

Before his death, the deceased was the head of the identification post on duty at the Babadjou public security station, in the Bamboutos department, after passing through the towns of Galim and Bandjoun. He graduated from training school as a police inspector in 2000, before climbing the ranks until 2002.