Saturday, March 28, 2020

Powerful rant from Albert Dzongang to the 'immortals' of Yaoundé

In a recently published column, the Honorable Albert Dzongang vented his anger over the re-election of the bedridden Marcel Niat Njifendji as head of the upper house of Parliament.

" Every day the zombies who usurp power, more challenge the Cameroonian people. Supported by two human crutches at his exit from the plane which brought him back from Paris, defying the precautions that they themselves instituted, the rider Yeguié Djibril taunted the people to be re-elected to the post of president of the assembly of traitors of Cameroon. 

Only a few days after this simulacrum, his shaky bedridden counterpart in turn has just been taken back at the head of the thing called the Senate. We all saw him stammering with the wind a few steps to move towards his chair. Meanwhile, the gang leader, also addicted, taunts Cameroonians by pretending to be dead as usual, while he takes it easy in his village at the expense of the poor taxpayer. We still have the sad memory of the images of his passage in Lyon where we saw him humiliating Cameroon by his shrinking gait, unable to climb by himself the steps of the Palais de l'Élysée. It is therefore a trio of puppets remote controlled almost automatically by an insatiable thirst for power, which they are today, with regard to their old age, incapable of controlling. 

What is happening at this time is not only an insult to the people alone, but a thumbs up to the natural heirs who are biting their brakes while impatiently awaiting the transfer of power by mutual agreement from the hands of these people who their only political project is to construct in the common imagination the specter of fantasized immortality.

Cameroonian people, zombies challenge you; they entered into a long-term lease with the devil, at the cost of human sacrifice. Wake up and stand up to force your will to be respected. Let's not die from coronavirus without settling our accounts with them. They hope that this plague decimates us and thus, they will have won their bet with Lucifer; that of dying after us. Armed forces living forces, let's get together to liberate Cameroon. 

Let us prepare for the supreme sacrifice if necessary, to bequeath to future generations a new and dignified Cameroon.