Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Opinion: a 'potential' suspected case of Coronavirus in Etoudi

The president's daughter comes straight out of a stay in Geneva, Switzerland. She went directly to the Palace of Unity.

Money Fine soteh my people. Is it easy to travel right now? Our national Brenda has just returned from Switzerland. Its flight landed in Yaoundé on Wednesday March 18, 2020. 

The concern is that this European country has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic since February 25 last. Soon 4,000 cases detected. It is surely strong of this situation that the girl of ma'a Chantou returned to the country. In a special chartered plane, the go has to share its journey in stories.

On the plane the new graduate wrote: “Thank you dad. I'm going home. " And upon arrival in Yaoundé, she said: "A safe harbor". So buffer for the measure which provides 14 days of quarantine for people who come from Mbeng there. Or there is a way to test the virus out there on the palate. We don't know ooh. In any case it is there and is well at the palace of unity.

Source: people237