Thursday, March 5, 2020

Olembé stadium: Magil to import grass seeds from the USA

Contrary to information relayed for a few days, and which announced the abandonment of the Olembé stadium site by the Canadian company Magil, as well as its retrocession to the Italian Piccini (who saw his contract terminated), the Canadian company construction is indeed at work on this site located in the suburbs of the Cameroonian capital.

Sports Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi was able to realize this on March 3, 2020, during a field trip to Olembé. On this occasion, we learned that the lawn that will be sown, during the month of April 2020, will be imported from the United States.

As a reminder, a good part of the materials used for the construction of this stadium, to house CAN 2021, had been imported from Italy. The costs related to these imports were also one of the bone of contention between the Cameroonian government and the company Piccini, which ultimately lost its contract to Magil.