Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Official Detailed report of the Cameroonian army following Mendankwe in Bameda

In a government statement released Monday evening, Yaoundé brought to the attention of national and international opinion, that since February 29, 2020, the sponsors that acts of horror and abomination perpetrated by secessionist armed bands in the North-West and South-West animate, as usual, false propaganda through the online media, accusing the Cameroonian defense and security forces of having killed fifteen people, including five women and four children in the neighborhood

“Touruba” in the locality of 

“Small Babanki” arrondissement of Tubas, 

Department of Mezam, North-West region. 

The government formally denies these allegations, which it describes as "completely informal and contrary to the reality of the facts, namely that, on the morning of Tuesday, February 25, 2020, heavily armed individuals attacked the construction site of the command post of the 5th joint military region, in the Mendankwe district in Bameda " 

According to a statement signed by the Cameroonian communications minister René Emanuel Sadi: "These hordes of outlaws, ambushing around the site, opened fire on the Toyota branded oily double cabin vehicle, transporting workers and a unit elite of our armed defense forces, responsible for the protection of the construction site "the balance sheet of this attack against the national and security forces is 02 dead, namely the soldier, 2nd class, MANGA FOLEFACK Arnauld Gauthier, and a site technician, M, NTCHINDA Nicson; 

03 wounded registered in the ranks of our defense and security forces;

05 civil hostages (kidnapped by the secessionists) among which, the site manager 

01 burned military vehicle; 

01 bulletproof vest and 01 heavy potted helmet.

The Cameroonian government specifies in this regard, that a joint sweeping operation was effectively carried out on the night of February 28 to 29, 2020, in the "Touruba" district in "Small Babanki." 

The said operation uncovered a fortified entrenchment of the secessionist armed gangs, located within the grounds of the NkAR public school, not far from the traditional chiefdom of Mendankwe. There followed a confrontation between the Cameroonian armed forces and a considerable number of armed secessionists. 

Following these exchanges of fire, ten secessionist terrorists were neutralized, including three women.

The leader of this separatist movement, named Richard NFONMUMDANG NDANGO, alias "General fire man" is one of the terrorists neutralized during this operation. 

It should be noted that during the excavations carried out at the place of operations, an arsenal was recovered, among others: 

01 assault rifle type Ak 47; 

05 cylinders of improvised explosive devices, already primed with motorcycle batteries; 

01 Defensive Grenade; 

03 12 caliber hunting weapons;

01 strip of 7.62 caliber ammunition; 

02 M 21 assault rifle magazines; 

Several batches of ammunition of various calibers; 

Hundreds of amulets; 

01 cocaine stock; 

01 heavy helmet and a bulletproof vest belonging to the 2nd class soldier MANGA FOLEFACK Arnauld Gautier, murdered by the terrorist secessionists.

02 vehicles seized; 

01 hostage released, M, MUNGU Joseph, born around 1968 in Mendankwe. 

The Cameroonian government unreservedly condemns these acts of terror committed by dehumanized individuals who daily sow terror and desolation in the two regions of North-West and South-West, moreover the government presents to the families of the victims, the s inserts the condolences of the head of state his excellence PAUL BIYA, at the same time as the comfort of the whole Nation. 

Faced with these repeated attacks by hordes of secessionist barbarians, the government reaffirms to the National Defense and Security Forces, the renewed support of the Cameroonian people, as well as the very high confidence of the CHIEF OF STATE, CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES. / _