Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Occultism: those heavy Etoudi secrets that make your back cold

In Etoudi, there would not be only offices and private residences. The presidential palace would hide a sanctuary and a sanctum that only President Paul Biya is able to visit to believe the journalist and Cameroonian writer Ebale Angounou.

In his work entitled "The true face of Paul Biya", the former regular at the Palace reveals some secrets about this place where the rituals of the president take place. Extract… 

Paul Biya has a sanctuary at the Palace, and a sanctum. The sanctum is very personal to him. No one else has access to it. But, we know that he lives there a very old man, ageless. Certainly less old than God, but of an age which cannot be defined in time. This man, dressed all in white, has white skin himself. He doesn't talk to anyone, maybe only to Paul Biya, doesn't eat anything, doesn't drink anything, doesn't even wash. 

But, when it does happen to come out of the President's sanctum, it is always fresh, clean, scarlet. He moves slowly, broken by the weight of age, with very long hair, heavily bleached by time. It seems soft, weak, fragile. His gaze rests only on what he wants to look at. And in fact, he only has eyes for Paul Biya. 

Who says of him with great affection that this is his good genius. It has the particularity of only being seen by whom it wants to be seen. He is an extraordinary person, whose role we do not know concretely with the President. The President's sanctuary is another place of spiritual work. He practices cults, rituals, and other priesthood sessions with which he can associate people. Masses of all kinds are held here, including human sacrifices. By way of illustration, there are human skulls. 

There are even some that have been opened, as if to serve as gourds. During the lymphophagy sessions, it is in these calabash species that Paul Biya and the other communicants collect the blood that they will drink. Human blood, rooster blood and cat blood.

On the death of President Ahidjo in Dakar, the head of state, to escape an evil spell due to the pact which bound them and which he had violated, requested that he be served fresh blood urgently and organs of a young girl. The services were then deployed on the campus of Ngoa Ekelle, where they made a victim: A student succumbed to the charms of a sumptuous Mercedes, and allowed herself to be embarked by the handsome man who, driving the sumptuous machine, seemed to be preparing to her body and soul, with her dapper bourgeois gentleman's demeanor; all there is to seduce a young woman. 

The girl will be more curious and seduced when her companion offers to take her to the presidency where he lives and works. It is a rather mythical place, which she had never dreamed of approaching, and which she was just content to contemplate on television. For once the opportunity was offered to tread "the soil of Paul Biya", why should there be any hesitation? 

But the dream will quickly turn into a nightmare; the happiness of the discovery of the presidential palace turns into the worst horror when reality becomes precision in his mind: She was gently brought to a sanctuary to serve as a holocaust. And instead of the practically vanished don juan, she finds herself facing three men dressed as priests, 

It will not be rape as she should have hoped; more than rape it will be a sacrificial murder. His heart, his liver, his blood will be found on the table of Paul Biya, its President, the lion man. On May 26, 1990, a party declared in Bamenda: The Social Democratic Front (SDF). The army intervenes to suppress. Official death toll 6 dead. Paul Biya panics. 

Could the Cameroonians rise up against him? Admittedly, the phenomenon has been general in Africa since the wind of freedom has risen in the East, taking President Gorbachev to the USSR. Must what happens to others necessarily happen to him? Quickly, he called on his loved ones and very quickly, a watchword was passed.