Monday, March 23, 2020

Noso by-elections: Atanga Nji brags about reduces separatist attacks

Cameroonian Minister of Territorial Administration, Atanga Nji Paul, affirms that the repeat of the legislative elections on Sunday March 22, 2020 in certain parts of the North West and South West regions took place without major incident, despite reports from gunshots in some places.

On the basis of reports from the administrative authorities, the Minister of Territorial Administration, an agent of the government in the electoral process, unequivocally declared that the "Sunday elections were calm, free and fair". 

At the close of the poll, Minister Atanga Nji declared "No major incident likely to affect the smooth running of this by-election or its credibility was reported by the administrative authorities and the police. As by In the past, the administrative authorities, alongside the defense and security forces, have provided ELECAM with appropriate security coverage in its mission, to the satisfaction of all the political actors involved. Accredited observers, who have chosen to returned to the field, did their work freely. The results will be announced by the Constitutional Council, which alone has the power to do so. " 

The repeat of Sunday's elections follows the decision of the Constitutional Council n ° 29 / SRCER / G / 20 of February 25, 2020 to cancel the election of deputies in the following eleven constituencies: North West region - North Menchum, Bui Ouest, Mezam Sud, Bui Center, Bui Sud, Mezam Center, Momo Est, Menchum Sud, Momo Ouest and Mezam Nord - and RĂ©gion du Sud-Ouest - Lebialem. 

The partial cancellation of the results of the parliamentary elections of February 9, 2020 came after the Social Democratic Front (SDF), an opposition party, seized the Constitutional Council on the grounds of irregularities which violated the laws relating to the elections in the country. 

SDF lawyers and candidates had asked the Constitutional Council to partially cancel the elections for reasons of insecurity and the creation of voting centers which deprived their voters of their rights. 

At the time of the press Sunday evening, reports spoke of gunshots in Santa, Batibo (Momo West) and Mbengwi (Momo East) while the poll was timidly taking place. Armed separatists in these regions are said to have engaged the defense and security forces in desperate efforts to defeat the election. 

Late Sunday evening, a sustained 15-minute gunfight was reported in the vicinity of the GMI polling station in Bamenda. The defense and security forces are said to have pushed back the armed separatist rebels who were seeking to ruin the poll. A video that spread to social media showed people at the polling station bowing down while shots could be heard.