Thursday, March 5, 2020

Nguini case: Vision 4 settles its outputs at Equinoxe TV

Following a report on the conflict between the Cameroonian political scientist Owona Nguini and the NGO Human, Rights Watch on the controversial report of the February 14 massacres in Ngarbuh in the Ndonga Mantum, produced by Équinoxe tv, the pro-government channel vision4 did not wait to react by clearly demonstrating its bias.

We will pass details on the conflict between the non-governmental organization and the political scientist Owona Nguini. What interests us in this report of the vision4 channel, Signed Bruno Bidjang a young journalist of the channel, these are intrusive words which seem to incriminate the people's channel, lending it unfounded terrorist inclinations. 

Here are a few pieces chosen to convince yourself, "a certain media reputed to be close to the Ambazonian terrorists and destabilizing Cameroon"..

this journalist on duty in pan-African television is not going from a dead feather to teasing at leisure the television which reports beyond the image, accusing him of complicity with the Ambazonians. Curious for a journalist who does not ignore the sacrosanct principle of objectivity in the processing of information. How to take it seriously when it lets go to all the qualifiers, value judgments full of personal emotions. More than the facts themselves, it is the profession of journalist that we must complain about. For he has just been sacrificed at the altar of selfish interests.

The most intriguing thing is that, this pseudo journalist challenges the National Communication Council (CNC) to strike the point on the table, and impose heavy sanctions against Noufele Cédric and his media. However, by his attitude, he is not exempt himself from all reproach. 

However, when the same CNC applied sanctions against certain fans of the Vision4 channel, they were the first to cry out.