Saturday, March 7, 2020

Ngarbuh: the Elysee Palace rejects the government's arguments and demands immediate sanctions

In Cameroon, many welcome the visit of the French ambassador to Cameroon to Paul Biya. These images of the meeting broadcast on national Crtv television are presented as proof of a fruitful and enriching collaboration between the two countries. And yet Emmanuel Macron's emissary carried angry messages. France asks Paul Biya to find the perpetrators of the Ngarbuh massacres.

“We also discussed the situation in the North West and the South West; in this regard, we mentioned the tragedy of Ngarbuh and in particular the identification of responsibilities, understanding what happened, ”said Christophe Guilhou. Through these remarks, France calls one more into question the official versions of the incident of February 14 served by the government and the Cameroonian army. 

While Etouti persists and signs that there has never been a Ngarbuh massacre, the French ambassador to Cameroon maintains before Paul Biya that there was indeed a "Ngarbuh tragedy". 

After using improper channels to discredit Paul Biya at the opening of the agricultural show in Paris, Emmanuel Macron goes on the diplomatic offensive. The past week, the Elysee Palace had confirmed the phone call between Biya and Macron. This week, the French president sent his envoy to Etoudi so that the perpetrators of the massacres are identified and punished.

As a reminder, the government has long denied the facts (massacres of children and pregnant women) alleged against it. Paul Biya, however, ordered an investigation last week, the report should reach him in a few hours. 

Several sources well introduced in the seraglio, indicate the president of the Republic who attaches a price to his reputation on the international would be ready to sacrifice some of his relatives (especially in the army) to please France and the international community who keep putting pressure on him.