Monday, March 9, 2020

Mr. President, save Jean Paul Akono

The national football coach, Olympic gold medalist Seydney 2000 is seriously ill and interned at gate 331 at the CHU of YaoundĂ©. He has no more means to support his dressing. Sports Minister Mouelle Kombi was at the bedside to comfort him.

It has been three years since Jean Paul Akono was struck by a stroke which paralyzed him on one side. The national football coach fights against evil. With great effort he was often seen at the National Technical Football Directorate where he practices. He also stayed on the radio and TV stations where he hosts sports debates.

The stroke failed to rob the Coach of the Lions of his voice. The gold medal coach of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sedney expresses himself well. But his health is in a very critical situation. Between the calls of comfort and the 1000 francs brought to him by some of his friends, Coach Jean Paul Akono asks for more. His medical care is expensive.

General and national mobilization is essential. Jean Paul Akono is a national football coach who made all Cameroonians jubilant. The Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Professor Narcisse MouellĂ© Kombi, visited him on March 7. The opportunity was given to MINSEP to give it support and understand well what it is in. Something has to be done. We must save the trainer Jean Paul Akono. 

Bruno Dimmani

Journalist: Bruno Dimmani