Monday, March 2, 2020

Mobile money transaction: Atanga Nji wants to identify mobile subscribers

The Minister of Territorial Administration gives 45 days to the companies MTN and Orange Cameroon to identify all the followers of money transactions via telephones.

Due to the payment of ransoms to the separatists by Mobile Money and Orange Money, mainly in the North West region, the Minister of Territorial Administration is taking action. Hosting the managers of the MTN and Orange Cameroon companies a few hours ago, Paul Atanga Nji gave them 45 days to identify all their customers taking advantage of this offer. 

The minister explains that between November 2019 and February 2020, more than 540 million ransoms were paid to activists of the secessionist groups via Mobile and Orange Money. 

"During my stay in the North West, I received more than 300 complaints from people who told me that the terrorists kidnap people and ask families to pay them ransoms by these means, so that their liberated loved ones", relates Atanga Nji.

Furthermore, the Government member raised the problem of errors in figures which generally occur during financial transactions. "People complain that when they make a mistake at the time of the operations, the money sent to a false recipient can no longer be caught". 

Atanga Nji asks operators in this regard to find a mechanism for canceling missed transactions.