Thursday, March 5, 2020

Cameroon: Minister's son lavishes tens of millions every weekend in boxes

Take a good look at this young man. His name is MARTIAL VALERY ZANG. An offspring of the direct line of the former Minister of State and great friend of Paul Biya, the late Ferdinand Oyono.

We have been investigating for several months this young man who alone embodies what are the children of our leaders in Cameroon. 

Thieves! Incompetent! Enjoyers! Satani! And moreover irresponsible! These are the qualifiers of these children that the Republic has given everything thanks to the privileged positions of their parents but who in turn have led the country into the abyss. Brenda and Junior Biya are not the only ones. THE LIST IS LONG. 

But today, let's talk about the present case. 

This young man named MARTIAL VALERY ZANG in the image is the perfect symbol. In service at the Ministry of Finance, he heads several shell companies and wins fictitious markets in this ministry to the chagrin of the public treasury. 

His billions in the bank serve him two things. Maintaining luxury prostitutes like this young girl whose names are all popular artists in their songs in Cameroon and whose ministers go so far as to open her beauty salon as a distinguished guest. The second hobby of the latter being the big parties that he organizes abroad on behalf of the laying of the regime in place. Member and PRESIDENT of THE ASSOCIATION OF JOUISSEURS "LE CLAN"

The consequences are disastrous both for himself whose wife and children are in disarray and our public coffers. 

We will launch in the coming days a complete publication on This young boy who slaps tens of millions every weekend in Cameroonian nightclubs by retracing his career, his studies, his parents, his recruitment in the public service, his life as a couple in tatters, his relationship with these young girls prized by footballers and many other revelations .. 

This will show you where your country's money is going and how the succession in Cameroon revolves solely around looting in an organized family gang. 

Journalist: Patrice Nouma