Friday, March 20, 2020

Messanaga Nyamding accuses Ewondo of trying to destroy Paul Biya

The professor of international relations, Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding does not appreciate the words of the lay sons of the Ewondo people, tending to bring discredit on the person of the President of the Republic; who since his accession to the supreme magistracy in 1982, has "given them everything?".

The Biyaïste got carried away by an emotional crisis on March 13, 2020, on the set of the weekly program “? La cour des Grands?”, Broadcast between 10 am and h on the airwaves of artists' radio (106.5 FM - Yaoundé) and presented by Jean Bernard Atangana. 

Proceeding by statistics, Messanga Nyamding concludes that the head of state was very altruistic towards the Ewodo people, by granting them all the positions of power. Only by "bad faith, he kicks all the sacrifices of the President of the Republic towards him, to argue ingratitude:" Look at all that the President of the Republic has given to the Ewondos. After Edzoa Titus, it was Ayissi Mvondo still an Ewondo. Look at all the ones I don't even want to quote there. So it's you Ewondo with your mouth who want to destroy Biya, when he gave you everything! "

The member of the central committee of the CPDM remembers the Ahidjo era which was not very favorable to this people: Under Amadou Ahidjo, the Ewondo had even how many ministers ?? Who did you even have ?? It was Biya who gave them everything they have. But today with their big mouth there, you want to tarnish the image of the Head of State. You sold all the land. And even your land sold, you still blame Biya. No, we have to stop this…!? ”, He was offended on Saturday March 13, 2020 on Artists' Radio (RDA).