Tuesday, March 10, 2020

March 8th: the close guard of the 'super' mayor of Douala allegedly Tortures the press

The reporter for La Plume de l'Aigle, assigned to cover the international day of women's rights, was brutalized by the entourage of Roger MBASSA Dine, who remained indifferent to him.

Place de la besseck√® valley. 11am has just started its last minute, to give way at midday sharp. The governor of the littoral region, Dieudonn√© Samuel IVAHA Diboua, dressed in the colors of the woman, comes politely and in the simplicity that we know him, grant an interview to the reporter for La Plume de l'Aigle, who does not pass unnoticed, in his bright blue jumpsuit, stamped press, under the label SNJC (national union of journalists of Cameroon). 

While 12h has just passed its 3rd minute, the reporter still in his bright blue chasuble stamped press, advances towards this man, with imposing stature. This is Roger MBASSA DINE, the new elected mayor of the city Douala. The reporter gets closer: "hello mayor and congratulations on your election" and thereafter declines his identity. 

He barely responds to my politeness. Apparently, my name, even less that of my media, is not to the taste of the “super” mayor. He may be right, we are no names for him. But hey it does not matter. We are used to this type of condescension on the part of certain ill-learned authorities who find it difficult to accommodate the rules of decorum. 

In any case, the most important thing for me is to get a few words out of my concern. "So tell me, mayor, what are your expectations vis-à-vis the populations and your colleagues from the district mayors"? The mayor diverts his attention and rather responds to the greetings of certain women who pass by.

When your reporter is about to clarify his question, he is brutally pushed in the back, by a man in a jacket who cries out! Mayor, let's go. As if that suited him, Roger MBASSA DINE, “the super” mayor will execute himself without any kindness towards your reporter. 

A fortuitous animosity towards a harmless reporter, who did only his job, that of interrogating to inform. 

Do Roger MBASSA DINE and his entourage have them after the private press? Will Mr. MBASSA DINE be the open man desired by the political analyst, Dr. Louison ESSOMBA in an interview with the feather of the eagle? How far can Roger MBASSA DINE endorse the contempt of media men during his tenure? 

Uncle Denis kwebo, president Aristide Ekambi, mother Marion Mahel Obam, Charles cacharel Ngah Nforgang, narcissus Oum, is journalism a crime? By the way, I know that some will say, that it is a simple stampede. And if it is, so be it.

Source: ndengue.com