Monday, March 2, 2020

Macron-Biya Conversation: Towards the release of 2,533 political detainees

It's confirmed. French President Emmanuel Macron finally met yesterday, Sunday with Paul Biya on the genocide in the English-speaking area of ​​Cameroon and the human rights situation. To this end, Macron called on Paul Biya to put an end to the violence and to release the political prisoners.

On this last aspect, we are able to confirm that, as he himself had wished at the Paris Agricultural Show, the French President actually received from Calibri Calibro, the Commander-in-Chief of BAS at the start of last week a file on human rights violations in which there was a list of 2,533 political prisoners in Cameroon. 

According to our sources, this list contains the 15 activists of the MRC still in detention. English-speaking prisoners sentenced to life by the Yaoundé military court. 

English-speaking civil society leaders sentenced to 15 years in prison, 2,200 English-speaking prisoners detained since 2016 without trial. MRC activists imprisoned in Bangangte. Activists and whistleblowers and activists of the MRC who, after being released, have appeared again since October 2019. Almost 2,500 political prisoners. 

Emmanuel Macron's phone call comes in a week marked by anti-French demonstrations organized by the Yaoundé regime. However French side, diplomatic sources, these demonstrators were described as "onlookers who do not understand the situation". 

Paris believes that they were rolled in the flour by Paul Biya without getting anything in return. They demanded the release of political prisoners without this being fully effective; they supported decentralization; protected Paul Biya and his regime of international sanctions. But in return: "the situation has deteriorated, the violence has increased, French companies are under attack". For French diplomats, the situation can no longer continue like this.

Besides, the French know today that they can count on the support of the Americans. Because after receiving the release of Emmanuel Macron at the agricultural show in Cameroon, an American diplomat says: “The French President did a good job”. 

In Paris, the lines are moving. For the first time, on March 25, 2020, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly will debate the genocide in the English-speaking area and the political crisis. 

Nothing is finished until it is...