Sunday, March 29, 2020

Latest: 'the BIG responsibility attributed to Brenda Biya in Etoudi'

The human rights activist encourages the gesture of the daughter of the President of the Republic relating to the fight against the coronavirus.

It is not every day that Me Alice Kom is happy. This Friday, she is one of the guests of the program Face √† Actualit√©. A program broadcast on the antennas of Dynamique Fm, a radio station broadcasting from Douala in Cameroon. During the program talking about the fight against the coronavirus, the lawyer thanks Brenda Biya for her gesture of love. 

"She understood that things were serious enough and she showed by a gesture of love, how she is close to her fellow citizens by thinking of having had during this period of misfortune. She showed the example of what to do through a video, proving that she is not the one who confines herself in her comfort and does not care about others, ”she explains to the journalist. 


She alludes to a video where the daughter of the President of the Republic, washes her hands and invites Cameroonians to do the same, in the fight against the coronavirus. “My little girl Brenda, I address you to tell you my great pride. I would like to say thank you, because it will do us good. It brings us closer to the nation, I tell you to be our ambassador to the dad of the Nation, your dad, our dad ”. 

“So that we Cameroonians feel close to our president of the republic. My little Brenda, what you started to do, go ahead in the same direction. We know that if you are the one talking to your dad, he will understand you, ”concludes Me Alice Nkom, president of Redhac.