Monday, March 23, 2020

Infidelity: Lady Ponce breaks her silence

The canvas is animated by a chapter on the private life of the artist Lady Ponce and the one with whom she has shared her intimacy for 17 months already.

The 36-year-old Cameroonian singer from Bikussi will soon become a single woman again. According to a document circulating on social networks, Lady Ponce, whose real name is Adèle Ruffine Ngono, would have asked to divorce Youmbi Tsafack Aloys aka "Cyclone God". 

The husband in a first video that went viral on the web says that he was betrayed by his wife. He evokes a problem of infidelity and does not hide his desire to separate himself from the author of the hit title "The Belly and the Underbelly". 

In a second video, the same "Cyclone God" apologizes and says he was misguided by his conscience. But long before, the Cameroonian singer wanted to respond to the first accusations in an interview with Deido Boy Magazine 


Hello Lady Ponce, Thank you for granting us this interview during these moments of general confinement in France. How are you? 

LADY PONCE: These days, I'm doing pretty well. It is I who thank you for having sought to know the truth on the other side before writing. Thank you. 

But what's going on with God Cyclone? We were quietly and respectively confined to our home and Boom, your husband swings all your privacy across the way !!!

I am a woman flouted, betrayed and dragged in the mud by a husband who only makes me live in lies, without income and does not want to work and still dreams of a last "Mougou" to strike in "Feymania". 

It is topical that the "Feymania" (sort of fraud of pass of papers cut out in the form of money to extract from the other the real money bills) does not give any more. And that because of the ultuma of separation by their wives, some feymans knew how to change their status and integrate themselves into training to have a real "normal" job. 

What woman can live with a man who can't even fill the fridge for the kids to eat? Even my 18 year old son who does the student jobs does it. This is one of the main reasons that led me to start a divorce. Aloys and I no longer even live together and we have agreed to separate amicably until the announcement of our divorce so as not to shake my Concert at the Paris Olympia ". 

So what happened to make God Cyclone get there? We are of course alluding to his famous Direct yesterday on social networks. 

I have been the subject of violent blackmail for 2 months on the part of Dieu Cyclone who constantly keeps threatening me to turn off the lights of Olympia by revealing to the public my private life. At each tick, it will make a Live if I do not answer him on the phone, at each tick, it claims to have collected enough evidence to put me in crumbs, at each tick, it calls my friends or my family that if i don't do this he'll do that. As his many songs already traumatized my children, I got fed up and sent him to walk. 

What do you think of his repeated accusations of adultery? 

Adultery in what? Aloys and I haven't been together for a while and he knows it. We no longer live together and to my knowledge we had made an amicable separation while waiting for the divorce to be declared. With so many Malchiavellian machinations of him against me, I was surprised to see him land at my house during my last interview with Pascal Pierre concerning the Olympia, where I had to put him outside in front of my guests. It was at these kind of elusive moments that he took advantage of rummaging through my cell phones. You will see that these telephone exchanges date from 2019 and I see that he is capable of everything since he has again added cut-copy-paste. Anyway, I'm not going to spend my time on it, I haven't been educated to talk about my private life like that. S ' he was able to expose in the past the mother of his own children like that, how many times me Lady Ponce to whom he wants to compete in the media. Ok so I'm a witch and a whore but I have a job that you all know. God Cyclone is an artist? He also sings? In short, I am not surprised, but yes I am ashamed for myself, my children and my family.

What do you say to people who judge your haste not to wait for the divorce sentence to replace it? 

To these perfect people in their lives, I simply answer them that I am not yet a weeping widow. Life is cruel but also good to spend your time whining or moping people who disappoint you. Anyway, we have no choice, we have to move on. 

Sorry to talk about it, we are aware of debating on such intimate and personal subjects but for a clarification, What about the loan of € 30,000 and the amount of € 10,000 he claims helping you pay off your debts? 

Thank you for asking me this question. we are in Europe and everyone lives almost on credit or with credit cards. He ended up with his many financial problems, scams and theft in England? By the way, he is currently wanted in England for plotting the theft of the new BMW series from his own Cameroonian brother, the Husband of Laéticia, who hosted him there. Aloys did not fail to photograph in secret all the credit cards of the Society of this gentleman that he then made purchases of more than 6000 € on the internet. A gentleman who offered me a round-trip plane ticket to come to England to see my husband. His new BMW series was stolen with the complicity of my husband whose English police see his friends in public cameras in the process of stealing it. It is the Coronavirus that has calmed the investigation for now. This is why he is everywhere now and is trying by all means to get back to me. 

Ok that's understood Lady Ponce, let's go back to his Direct yesterday on the € 10,000 he claims to have helped you pay your debts. 

Ok, if I understood correctly, Aloys helped me out for € 10,000, which he brought back from where? € 10,000 he gave gave me a dropper € 200 here € 500 there or € 2,000 he had reimbursed for his costs to go to the front. It does not matter, so do your own calculation of 18 months of marriage with him divided by these alleged € 100 00. It's just lamentable and shameful for itself, because, this sum does not even make 1 / 5th of my monthly bills (House, Credits, Maintenance, Insurance, Electricity, Telephone, Water, Food, my children, and others ) in the consumer society we all live in here in France. And if I take my calculator to make a balance of any account on it (Cash Troubleshooting, Cameroon house work, Gifts, Clothing, Accommodation, Food, Airplane tickets etc ... ), you will see that I will also descend to the bottom of the gutter, but I am an Ekang and my education does not allow me to get there. So you understand now why I want to divorce for a while? 

Yes indeed, we are trying to understand. And what is the story of the € 30,000 loan that he alluded to a lot in his speech?

Mama sarah !! it didn't exactly happen as he said. Indeed, he played a role of canvasser in this loan as some loan sharks often send people to seek them from potential customers. But it was I who took this loan of € 30,000 for 8 months on September 1, 2019 in accordance with the Lady Ponce Concert project at the Olympia and repayable at the end of May after this concert. Here is the copy of the contract, I took this loan in the presence of my manager Layone who is cited as a witness. Aloys' name does not appear anywhere in it. Madame Aïda granted me this loan without any guarantee because she knows that she will be reimbursed with only 400 admissions to the Olympia and thank God that things are going well until now while awaiting the continuation of the Coronavirus.

Indeed yes, with a capacity of more than 2000 places at the Olympia, the loan would already be largely reimbursed. But why, then, such a devastating Direct now from God Cyclone? 

Neither did I understand anything about this gratuitous violence since Aloys and I no longer even live together and we agreed to separate amicably until the announcement of our divorce so as not to shake my Concert at the 'Paris Olympia ". I see in him only a fierce desire to sabotage my concert at the Olympia and to personally harm me and my staff on this project. 

According to you, it is jealousy or God Cyclone really want to harm you? 

There is no longer jealousy, the question does not even arise. It is pure wickedness with a manifest will to destroy everything before him. He claims that I dismissed him and that I DO NOT give more news on the € 30,000. I would just like to remind you here that a couple separation is not a laughing gala dinner outing. When it's over, it's over, especially with someone so ill-intentioned. And for the € 30,000, I stay in constant contact with the person who lent them to me and reimbursable after the concert. Except that for the moment, we are all in confinement of the Coronavirus while waiting for life to resume its course in Paris. 

Are there still chances to get it back or return with your husband? 

No, he is unrecoverable and I even feel an icy cold on the back when you still call him my husband. I had already blocked it everywhere from all my phones before its Direct in social networks. Even after his Direct where he calls me a witch and a whore, why is he still looking for me? I take this opportunity to tell him to stop harassing me through my friends or family. It even scares my children. So he must stop before there is a misfortune, these things do not happen to others. It is a cry of alarm. My lawyer will contact him if necessary administrative need

Lady Ponce, this interview is drawing to a close. Thank you for agreeing to answer all of our questions and for providing some clarification on this subject. Do you want to say a last word to your fans? 

Thank you DEIDO BOY MAGAZINE for giving me this opportunity to express myself. You are very professional and behind the scenes you are doing a wonderful job, recognized by all. To all my fans, my friends, my family, I don't even know if I really have to apologize or not. What I can simply tell you is that nothing is easy in this life. It is when you reach the end of your dream that there is always someone to block your path, but all that God does is good. Who am I to judge apart from singing? That's all I can do. In these difficult and uncertain times, stay confined at home and respect the basic rules of hygiene against the Coronavirus (constantly wash your hands and distance yourself from one meter between you) so that we can see each other again. Thank you and embrace you all with all my heart. 

Ooh it's very touching mother, you're going to make me cry. Thank you, thank you, it will be fine. Of course we will see you again on stage. God watches and good luck. © Sarah Diamant, 2020 DBM