Sunday, March 22, 2020

'I condemn the sexuaI stupldity of Lady Ponce' Edgard Minasto

This should come as no surprise. You feel good at home. With decentralization underway, it is normal for LADY PONCE to return to his village Ékang, even if here I condemn his sexual stupidity. I know that in general, the woman needs love and to feel loved, however, I would like to say to LADY PONCE that at a certain age, the woman must obligatorily be posed in her sentimental acts. You behaved like a kid. It looks like delayed puberty. I would like you to take the example of Céline Dion, Jennifer Lopez and many other stars. At a certain age, they settled and calmed down. As you sing so well in your latest album "Loyalty", be loyal to yourself and to that of your lovers, that you have chosen (Greg Belobo or Raphaël Abouem).

As for Ledieu Cyclone, he knew from the start that this marriage was not going to work in any way, given the fact that said marriage did not receive a blessing from the Ekang ancestors of the village. It is a fact among the Ekang people: a marital union must inevitably receive the ancestral anointing, for its duration in space and in time. Which was not the case with this marriage. 
Ledieu Cyclone used LADY PONCE to taunt and dirty the Ékang people, with the help of BAS. You used LADY PONCE to gain visibility in the artistic world and on the canvas. And obviously you got there. but unfortunately ! Here is the sentence that fell to you in broad daylight. So don't get full, because you already knew the very outcome of your marriage. 

As for Greg Belobo, his tall stature as a famous opera singer and a man of faith and of God, should give him irrefutable behavior, although we thank him for having brought our sister Ékang home, among his own. However, having a romantic and sexual relationship with a married woman is undoubtedly an act unworthy of her.

The millionaire Raphaël Abouem has just declared war on the Taliban. They will therefore have to rub shoulders in their tontines, to reach their financial level and be able to fight it. The Taliban forgot that a short time ago they supported LADY PONCE and his concert at the Olympia. Now she has become their laughing stock: whore, prostitute, chili seller, light thigh, brothel and so on. It deals with all faulty names there. 

We invite those quarreled in the said story to accept their responsibilities, accept the consequences and learn from them for a better future.