Thursday, March 5, 2020

HRW: Ilaria allegrozzi hits another fatal blow at Paul Biya

While the shock wave of his revelations on the massacres in the North-West region is still perceptible in the socio-political sphere of Cameroon, the human rights NGO announces an international campaign for the disappeared from the Far -North.

It was Ilaria Allegrozzi who gave the information this March 4 through her tweeter account. Central Africa senior researcher at Human Rights Watch says this campaign will be launched on March 10 with the aim of asking the government of Cameroon to provide responses to the families of 130 people missing in Magdeme in the Far North of Cameroon. The populations of Magdémé, Doublé and other surrounding villages still seek the trace of several hundred people disappeared on December 27, 2014 because of the abuses perpetrated by the terrorist sect Boko Haram according to official sources.

The absence of information relating to this case reflects not only Yaoundé's desire not to support the families of the victims, but also the fact that the Cameroonian Army is not really unsuspected in the context of this operation. The campaign launched by Human RightS Watch will provide additional information to this unexplored dossier.