Saturday, March 21, 2020

How Paul Biya charters a private jet to bring his daughter Brenda back to Cameroon

What the government of Cameroon is doing is just horrible. Abandon its citizens at foreign airports. Pushing back on its territory planes containing Cameroonian citizens, cutting off the telephone lines of embassies so as not to respond to the complaints of compatriots stranded at airports is blatantly incompetent.

Certainly the borders had to be closed. As part of the fight against the Coronavirus it was a beneficial measure. However, when a government takes such a decision, it is quite naturally accompanied by specific measures aimed at alleviating certain situations. In particular the airlines which had Cameroonian citizens in transit in airports. Because when the decision is made they are in the process of returning to the country and cannot bear the cost of the incompetence of a government. 

Take for example the Cameroonians stranded in Nairobi for four days. They first waited almost 48 hours before Air Kenya was authorized to bring them back. 20 minutes before landing, the control tower told the pilots that they could not land. Then they go to Bangui. Bangui refuse to receive them. Air Kenya brings them back to Nairobi. At Nairobi airport they have been stranded for four days. A filling costs $ 25, a sweater $ 50, a knitting $ 25. The women for 4 days have not toilet. 

It is not the fault of citizens if a government is unable to enforce quarantine rules. A governor unable to requisition hotels. Unconscious police who take 15,000 CFA francs to let travelers return home or the absence of nurses or doctors in hotels to enforce health rules. No, citizens should not pay this incompetent and amateurishness of the Cameroonian state.

It is inconceivable that a government expels Cameroonians who return home. It is unacceptable and it is a resignation from your responsibilities. 

The Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon has chartered a private jet to bring Brenda Biya to Cameroon from Switzerland with the money of the Cameroonian taxpayer. With the money of the people you block at airports. There was already a landing ban. Brenda Biya is not above other Cameroonians. Take them all home. They are in Nairobi, Istanbul, Abuja. And at least you will have proven that you are responsible.