Monday, March 16, 2020

Hawk: Military security demands the whole of Cyrille Atonfack

In a confidential note to Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo, military security officials (SEMIL) asked for the dismissal of Defense Ministry spokesperson Serge Atonfack.

We know that this note came after the conviction of the former Paying General Treasurer of Yaoundé (TPG), Mbia Enguene. In this corruption case involving senior army officers, the investigation revealed that Serge Cyrille Atonfack embezzled 1.5 billion FCFA. For SEMIL officials, Atonfack's involvement in this scandal could no longer make him the spokesperson for the army. For the moment, the acts of appointments are still on the MINDEF table which should send them to the President of the Republic in the coming days. 

However what should be remembered is that after the outbreak of the scandal in 2013, Serge Cyrille Atonfack who was accessor to the military court of Yaoundé when he embezzled the 1.5 billion FCFA quickly left Cameroon from afraid of arrest. 

He temporarily settled in France, notably in Paris. When the former MINDEF, Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o stayed in Paris with his henchman, Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou, Serge Atonfack took the opportunity to meet Mboutou. They will explain for almost 3 hours and at the end of this interview, Mboutou promises Atonfack to resolve the situation with the minister. This is how when Mebe Ngo'o returns to Cameroon, Atonfack is also promoted. The ex-fugitive therefore saw the prison move away. He was later appointed spokesperson for the army.

Within the army several sources underline the neighbor of Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o to ODZA would have poured loan of 400 million CFA francs to save his head. 

When you see a Cameroonian hopping on television ask yourself two questions: what does he want? Where does he blame himself for what? At Atonfack the answer is obvious: he knows that we know he has our 1.5 billion FCFA in his stomach.