Monday, March 16, 2020

Gicam - Sabc - DGI scandal: ahead the arrest of several personalities

Accustomed to illicit diversions and enrichments, the gravediggers of the Cameroonian republic, no longer know where to lead, since the Cameroonian state put in place, mechanisms for dismantling and cleaning up public state services. Faced with these new configurations which are taking place little by little, the enemies of the country are also seeking to keep their mafia networks, whatever the cost. The case that many call today, the Gicam - Sabc - DGI scandal.

What is it about ? 

According to sources, several high-ranking personalities from Cameroon are involved in this case. They take us back years to the time when Abah Abah was director of taxes. These report a most evil network, on the back of the poor Cameroonians. 

The pseudo-billionaire would then have benefited from this network, which would also be one of the sources of his alleged fortune. A very precise source reveals that: "(At that time) You owe 20 billion to the Fisc? Against 2 to 3 billion, CĂ©lestin made you pay 10 billion and everyone was happy. Except of course the public treasury! Do you owe the Tax 5 billion? 

Against 600 million, the pseudo billionaire made you pay 2 billion and everyone was happy. He shared with his mentor the billions of mediation. You will never know the proportion. With Abah's successors, Tawamba did not have any major concerns. He continued to collect his billions and lead a princely lifestyle. Until the arrival of the DGI Modeste MOPA FATOING ”. 

Who is Modeste MOPA FATOING? 

This is the current DGI (Director General of Taxes ", the bane of the mafia gang who is still struggling to fill his pockets since his arrival.

Indeed, DGI seems determined to set the record straight. He is also going to according to the information, "put an end to the mafia of the owner of Pasta, who knows no profit except that taken from the Tax". 

Faced with this new young but fierce adversary, the pseudo-billionaire would multiply "steps to put the young man in his pocket as evidenced by incontestable testimony and documents". The pseudo-billionaire has even deployed treasures of genius, used intermediaries. But nothing ! 

The DGI remains firm and does not give in. Faced with this refusal, a reliable source affirms that, the posture of the DGI would have more than frustrated the pseudo billionaire and his acolytes; they would then have requested a consultancy agency. Its mission: to organize a disinformation and destabilization campaign against the DGI. 

Even in France not paying taxes is synonymous with economic crime and being in co-operation with these thugs is synonymous with legal proceedings including the journalists involved.