Sunday, March 15, 2020

Garoua Scene: the truth that Maurice Kamto hid from Alain Fogué

The story is very simple: If Professor Kamto did not want to tell the truth to his supporters, he could have told Alain Fogue the truth less than let him sow such a mess.

When Professor Kamto returns from his western "bamboula" on February 25, he tells his regime friends that, given the current situation and the fairly strong susceptibilities that there are on the networks and that are starting to have a considerable negative impact on certain Cameroonians including those of his own camp, it would be preferable and desirable that he have protection. Thing that his friends of the regime (Minister Gregoire Owona, the general secretary of the CPDM M.kuete, Madeleine Tchuente of Scientific research ...) accepted and authorized. 

This is how Agent Gwe was placed at the disposal of Professor M. Kamto, who had himself requested it. 

This law enforcement officer has provided security for the professor since February 26 just after his meeting in Douala. Because this agent was part of the professor’s trip from Douala to Yaoundé. They arrived together in Yaoundé. 

This one goes unnoticed and merges with the crowd because dressed in civilian clothes. 

I tell you again, since the end of the meeting on February 26 organized by the same people with their liaison man who pretends to be a member of civil society, but who eats in the two racks. (Regime and MRC.) He's a regular on Equinox television.

If all this causes all this hubbub today, it is because in the double game that Professor M. Kamto plays, he did not tell his closest circle, namely Professor Alain Fogue and the others, that , he Maurice Kamto had asked the regime for help with his security. He kept this information for himself. 

Why didn't he say anything to Professor Alain Fogué? 

It's simple: 

1- Professor Alain Fogue and the other caciques of the MRC do not want to hear about it from the national gendarmerie, even less than this ensures their security. 

Accepting the protection of the police or the gendarmerie would be tantamount to them recognizing the legitimacy of Paul Biya, since the same army is qualified by the MRCISTS of the "Bulus" army. For them this will be another betrayal on the part from Professor M. Kamto. To avoid being accused of treason once again, Professor Kamto decided to say nothing to Alain Fogue.

2- This is also due to the fact that, Professor Kamto had decided not to go to the legislative elections at the express request of the regime. Without consulting the party leadership, he put all the members of his party before the fait accompli. 

Professor Alain Fogue with dignity took the blow. 

It was therefore out of the question that Professor Kamto again come to tell Alain Fogue that the national security agent was there at his request for his protection. 

The agent Gwe in civilian clothes, ensures the security of Kamto since February 26. During his passage in Yaoundé, we can see this agent behind 50 meters behind the professor. He is still in civilian clothes. In Yaoundé, the agent wore a boubou in loincloth with jeans pants. 

It is the same agent who was still on mission in Garoua with Professor Kamto.

Professor Alain Fogue not having this information, when the big arms of Maurice Kamto saw this man close to the car in which MK was, with a bump around his hip which revealed the shape of a weapon, the strip rushed at him ... and wanked in combat. 

It was therefore up to Professor M. Kamto, who knows this national security agent very well, to ask, even with a discreet text message, to Professor Alain Fogue to leave this agent, who was only doing his job ... did not. 

The national gendarmerie for its part allowed the situation to rot for 24 hours before making a press release ...

Journalist: Winnie Mary Mandela