Thursday, March 12, 2020

Galim attack: death toll rises more

The separatist fighters decimated a family of nine who had refused to shelter them for the attack on the Galim brigade and gendarmerie on March 7. The official report, it reports eight dead.

The separatist fighters broke into a family home, located near the gendarmerie brigade attacked on March 7. They killed nine people at the same time as they attacked the police and security forces of the locality of Galim, Western region. According to sources contacted by, the assailants had requested the private home in order to prepare their attack there but had been refused the head of the family. Which later motivated their punitive expedition.

Eight other people perished during the brigade attack and the Galim police station on Saturday around 7 p.m., by men on motorbikes. Superior in numbers, the assailants carried weapons.