Wednesday, March 25, 2020

French newspaper tells everything about the second Cameroonian who died of Covid 19 in France

Alain Siekappen Kemayou, head of security at the O'Parinor shopping center, died Saturday at the age of 45 of the Covid-19 suites, reports the CGT shops and services.

Regulars of the O'Parinor shopping center in Aulnay-sous-Bois will long remember its stature and its verb "cash". Alain Siekappen-Kemayou, 45, was the site security manager. He died Friday after contracting the Covid-19. 

"Alain is the first death of this epidemic in France in our sector of activity", underlined at the announcement of his death the trade and services federation of the CGT. 

Among the traders, the news was like a bomb, the safety official was appreciated and respected. "It is a heartbreaker for all those who knew him, Alain had become a real figure of Aulnay-sous-Bois", summarizes Billel Hidri. He knew him “at the very beginning of the 2000s, when I did an internship in a ready-to-wear brand, then when I worked on Carrefour telephony and finally, when I was a manager of O'Tacos for three years. " 

" The O'Parinor guardian angel " 

As of Saturday evening, the news spread on social networks, in particular the Facebook pages frequented by the inhabitants of the O'Parinor sector. And tributes have multiplied in remembrance of "this big beefy", this "charismatic" man, some posting photos of flowers in his memory. 

Alain was a regular at Billel Hidri's fast food: “A cordon bleu tacos, nuggets, and samurai sauce: that's what he had every time for his lunch with us! I will never forget that, ”remembers the young restaurateur.

"I saw him as a big brother," he continues. This is the image he will leave here: the guardian angel of O'Parinor. A big brother who did not hesitate to lecture. "It was cash! When I started, he didn't let go of me: when I was late on my deliveries, which had to be made before 10 a.m., he told me bluntly: You fucked up! " 

" It must reflect the authorities' 

The forties was very professional. "He also knew how to speak to people, to young people, to those who planned to set up a mess. Calmly, firmly. I know a lot of shopping centers in the Paris region, and for me, O'Parinor was one of the safest, one of the best kept, thanks to him. There has never been an outbreak of violence here, ”says Billel Hidri. Who adds: “He also helped me a lot with the installation, by advising me on the questions of security of the premises, for example. He who was very straddling the rules, it is a shame that he was swept away by this virus ... This should make the authorities think about the measures to be taken to protect those on the front line! " 

For Bruno Danet, CGT representative in the Carrefour hypermarket, “Alain was a character in the gallery, he had been there for a while. We met him regularly, but I didn't know him well. He was professional, courteous. » 

Several cases of covid-19 among the staff 

Like all the employees of the center, he wonders today« since when the virus is present in the gallery », evoking two cases within a ready-to-wear store . “There was a first patient among the employees. The store was closed one day, disinfected, and the team changed completely. And then there was a second patient… ”

If the 210 stores have lowered the curtain for eight days, the pharmacy and therefore, the Carrefour hypermarket remain open. 

With the risk of additional contamination, laments Amar Lagha, secretary general of the trade and services federation of the CGT. “The security guards and the cashiers do not have enough masks and hydroalcoholic gel! Admittedly, today, the gallery closed, but it is too late, it would have been necessary to take draconian measures of protection of the employees from the beginning, “tonne this last. 

"We are not asking for a bonus but for precautions" 

Also tackling the bonus proposal envisaged by the government for employees of large distribution, who must continue to go to their place of work. "We are not asking for a bonus," said the union official. But precautions, for all those people who are at the front. Alain was one of those who were sent to the pipe-breaker, without precautions. " 

Contacted employer Alain Siekappen-Kemayou, Samsic the company did not respond to our requests, no more than the direction of the mall.