Friday, March 20, 2020

Far North: local elected officials victims of the great banditry of a prefect

His name is mekondane obounou albert prefect of Logone et Chari requires and obtains a sum of thirty two million (32,000,000) from the ten mayors of his command department, a drop of eighteen million since he had received a sum of fifty million for the previous mandate for the same economic crisis installations requires;

All this before planning their installation ceremony distributed as follows: three million paid by each mayor and a million more for the mayor of kousseri and Makary. 

These different scams allow him to complete the construction of his hotel in Yaoundé Odza district.

Recall that this administrative authority, retired for five years, has benefited from a two-year extension of the PRC which runs from 2018 and must end in August 2020. Before the person concerned leaves to replace Minister ATANGA Ndji according to his words behind the scenes since he has already completed everything with the director of the civil cabinet of the Head of State and is in the odor of holiness with the general delegate for national security whose services regularly relay good notes to him for the intention of the Head of State. 

With upstream the special commissioner of Logone and Chari who threatens possible offenders on the instruction of Mr. the prefect by imaginary administrative investigations in order to achieve their end.

Journalist: Boris Bertolt