Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Etoudi: A political analyst explains the aggressiveness of the Biya regime after noted of its end

“Some executives of the top management of the State of Cameroon are paranoid and see destabilization everywhere, even in a glass of water. National and international NGOs play their role and it is up to those who preside over the destinies of Cameroon to play theirs. This finger pointed at the NGOs and certain press organs follows denunciations brought against the Cameroonian army engaged on the front of the noso and part of the north.

What these hard-pressed authorities need to know is that war is codified, it has rules amply conveyed by international humanitarian law. Unlike rebel groups that have apparently received no education on the law of war, elements of the Cameroonian army are mostly equipped on the issue; it is one of the most professional and best trained armies in Africa; if elements within it take liberties with international humanitarian law, the high command instead of covering them must sanction them in the most exemplary manner. 

The Yaoundé regime sees the plot everywhere because it feels its end is coming. Internally, he is vomited and internationally, his old friends in general and France in particular drop him. It is therefore a question of surfing on victimization to tickle a national solidarity around interests' which in reality do not benefit - the Cameroonian people.

The executives of the regime take it easy on their own and as soon as they feel in danger, they and their ventriloquist interests, they want to have the support of a people they oppress, thirst and frustrate. Their latest find to justify "destabilization" is an alleged non-renewal of colonial agreements; when we know that until date when the Elysee sneezes, Yaoundé panics. We remember, the sudden arrival of Le Drian who led the Cameroon manitou to be absent at the top of Moscow. 

Besides, we cannot grant the good Lord without confession to all NGOs. If the State of Cameroon feels unfairly slandered that it is in court instead of shouting all the time at destabilization".