Thursday, March 12, 2020

Etoudi: Paul Biya brings meaningful support to Mama Nguéa

On March 10, 2020, Pierre Ismaël Bindoung Mpkatt, Minister of Arts and Culture handed out envelopes to artists in difficulty and the families of those who died on the orders of Paul Biya.

The ceremony was held on the premises of the Ministry of Arts and Culture. According to the state-owned daily from whom we receive this information, the minister in charge of the said ministerial department gave Alice Minka, Ntoumba Minka's older sister, an envelope as support for the artist's funeral: "? On behalf of the Ntoumba family, I thank the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, who has always taken care of distressed artists and families who have suffered. I am really moved. Does this support go straight to my heart? ”She said to the press. 

Cameroon Tribune on newsstands on March 11, 2020, indicates that MINAC during this ceremony also expressed its emotion towards Mama Nguea who lost the use of his two legs. "We have identified 16 cases of sick artists and eight deceased who await the support of the ministry. For all these cases, emergency measures had to be taken on very high instructions from the Head of State. And substantial aid has been allocated to the various artists in difficulty and to the various families who are waiting. Have delegations been set up for this purpose to go to the bedside of sick artists and to bereaved families? ” said Armand Abanda Mayé, director of Development and Promotion of the Arts at Minac, in the columns of Cameroon Tribune.

Recall that the body of musician artist Ntoumba Minka, who died of illness in France on February 17, 2020, will arrive in Cameroon on March 14, 2020.