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Etoudi: the Biya's regime treats JeuneAfrique of propagator of gossip

This article was published on February 20, 2019 by the newspaper Repères. CameroonWeb offers you a proofreading today.

In its February 17, 2019 edition, the pan-African weekly commits an article on the wife of the Cameroonian head of state. Between value judgments and untruths, Jeune Afrique exposes its ignorance of republican practices in Cameroon. 

The article looks very much like a chestnut tree, of which we simply changed some data to appear current. We are not surprised since it is the same editor. Only, whether it is the article of November 15, 2016 or that of February 17, 2019, there emerges a constant: Jeune Afrique exposes a number of untruths, contradicts itself and is mistaken. But it all comes down to the fact that Chantal Biya, over the years, has taken an important part in the management of state affairs. However, on September 5, 2012, Jeune Afrique, with [always] Georges Dougueli at the helm, published an article on its website entitled "Cameroon: Chantal Biya, the invisible woman". 

In which the first untruths appear on the role of the wife of Paul Biya at the Etoudi Palace: "Her strong character and her influence with the president helped her to impose herself on those who, at the beginning, looked at her from high [...] "A bit as if Béchir ben Yahmed's newspaper scrutinized it with a magnifying glass, on November 15, 2016, he wrote:" Cameroon: Chantal Biya, a first lady who takes her hair off ". To say that "At 45, his influence with her husband is growing and his imprint on public affairs marked". 

And we already find the beginnings of gossip contained in the article of February 17, 2019: "Within the presidency, she placed" her "men. Many come from Haute-Sanaga, the department of origin of his mother, like the secretary general of the presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, and the influential technical advisor Oswald Baboké (Today deputy director of the civil cabinet of the presidency of the Republic). Clear and clear info. The others come from the neighboring region of the East, home to part of his family. Thus the deputy director of the civil cabinet Joseph Lé and the special advisor Dieudonné Samba ... To the government too: the Minister of Sports, Pierre Ismaël Bidoung Mkpatt, owes him a part of his career. In senior administration, the most emblematic of his protégés is Antoine Félix Samba, the director general of the budget. "

Three years later, Oswald Baboké became "a friend of the First Lady [whom Chantal considers to be his brother". On the original tribe of Chantal Biya, Jeune Afrique is lost between Haute-Sanaga and the Eastern Region where she grew up to finally write on February 17, 2019, thanks to the appointment of Bertrand Pierre Soumbou Angoula as Director General of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM), that "Chantal Biya is from the Yezoum tribe". The pan-African weekly published in Paris in France finds that "the entourage of the Head of State is composed of" men of Chantal Biya "that are Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, Oswald Baboké and Dieudonné Samba". In short, the newspaper lends him the power to recruit his husband. After writing that "Paul Biya calls him" Madam President "". 


However, in 2016, Jeune Afrique admits that "the [Cameroonian] Constitution does not attribute any role to the First Lady". In reality, knowing Paul Biya poorly is to believe that he can be influenced by a third party, still less his wife, in the conduct of the affairs of the country. Chantal Biya only gets thicker in public thanks to her humanitarian activities. This is not exclusive to the wife of the Cameroonian head of state. Dominique Ouattara, invests in it just like Bernadette Chirac, founder and president of France Libertés. Without Young Africa saying a word. It cannot be denied, however, that she plays her role of wife to her husband by giving him some advice without claiming to take the place of him. 

Claim then that Chantal Biya controls the general secretariat with the presidency of the Republic and the civil cabinet is erroneous on the basis of the last ministerial reshuffle of January 4, 2019. At the end of which, for the cases Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, raised to the rank of minister of State, and Pierre Ismaël Bidoung Mkpatt, now Minister of Arts and Culture, Jeune Afrique believes, like pharmacies at the end of these movements, that ministers allegedly involved in the alleged scandal of CAN 2019 should not be renewed. And that they owe their promotion or their maintenance to Chantal Biya. "It is not knowing Paul Biya who never acts instantly," says a regular in the corridors of Etoudi. On the release of Belinga Eboutou that the newspaper mentions, Georges Dougueli speaks of "a sidelining [of Belinga Eboutou] by Chantal Biya".

Source: Benchmarks