Monday, March 30, 2020

Essomba ridiculed after his last outing on Kamto

After Maurice Kamto's ultimatum to Paul on the Covid-19, Dieudonné Essomba reacted and called Maurice Kamto "a fool", Cameroonian political activist Abdelaziz Moundé Njimbam replied to the statistician economist and media consultant. “We don't care about Dieudonné Essomba's resentment towards Maurice Kamto! He wrote. offers you the entire gallery. 


Just because the leader of the MRC, in his legitimate and full role as an opponent, rightly demands, like opponents all over the world, that the Head of State speaks, like 100 of his counterparts in the world, on the serious, hard and unprecedented crisis of the Coronavirus, it is that with us, there are HOLES which believe to be superior to the troughs.

In this crisis, we must fight all postilions. Those of sneezing like those of those people who entertain us, turning us away from the essential: the bottom of a message.

Those too, who, instead of concentrating on the substance of a statement, use blackmail on phantasmagorical revelations, tenacious bitterness and visceral hatred. 

We don't care about Dieudonné Essomba's resentment towards Maurice Kamto! Very clearly! What is interesting is neither the party of one or another, the ethnicity of a leader or the president, the golden silence or the mastery of time by Paul Biya, but to save the Cameroon of the peril of the coronavirus. 

If one is unable to understand a statement requesting that the president speak, one must confine oneself to economist analyzes on the Tv platforms! 

A.Mounde Njimbam